Private K12

Full private school provides the highest quality of education to students choosing to learn from the comfort of their own homes. Students are placed in classes that challenge the individual according to their tested levels. Studia Nova is currently seeking accreditation.

  • Scheduled online classes in a small group setting
  • On-demand access to online tutors
  • Complete online curricula included
  • Regular academic diagnostic testing
  • $2000 per semester, payable on a monthly basis

Home School Support

Studia Nova provides curricula and tutoring to home school students in all grade levels. Our classes provide real, interactive teaching opportunities.

  • Weekly meetings with live tutors and teachers
  • Follows published course schedule
  • Complete online curricula included
  • Grading and feedback, including essays, short paragraphs, and project based work for ELA courses.
  • Unlimited number or courses per student
  • $1200 per semester, payable in two installments

Home School Leader Program

Studia Nova provides access to our complete technology platform and tried and true courses to home school leaders so they may operate their own schools their way. We take care of the technology so leaders can focus on the teaching.

  • Complete online curricula for all grade levels for all classes
  • Technology training program and technical support
  • Parent assumes role of primary teacher, including grading assignments turned in on on the Studia Nova platform
  • $600 per semester for a family with three students, $100 per semester for each additional student.

Community Leadership Team

  • Complete technology platform including email, documents, online curricula and student information system, hosted by Studia Nova
  • Technology training program and technical support
  • Includes three leadership licenses, $100 per additional leader
  • Home School Leadership Team assumes role of primary teachers and grades all assignments turned in on the Studia Nova platform
  • Unlimited access to curricula for additional coursework with tracking, grading.
  • Implementation fee plus $200 per student per semester

Private and Charter Schools

Studia Nova provides schools an end-to-end technology solution from email to enrollment to learning management to system information management. Our LMS launches with our tried and true courses out-of-the-box but includes full course authorship capability and SCORM course import capability. Contact Studia Nova for pricing and project set-up fees.

  • Enrollment
    • CRM to track interested students from first contact to successful enrollment
    • Learning Management and Curricula
    • Forecast enrollment based on interested students
  • Learning Management and Curricula
    • Complete LMS with multiple options for out-of-the-box courses
    • Capability to import SCORM courses from legacy LMS
    • Edit and author your own courses
    • Integrated video conferencing, chat and forums
  • Student Information Management
    • Integrated SIS with LMS
    • Parent Portal
  • Office Platform
    • School-wide email
    • School-wide Documents, spreadsheets, and slides